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Scholarships / Awards

Supporting Creativity and Enthusiasm to Learn in Individuals

HSU understands the importance of supporting students in their various pursuits during their college life. Scholarships and awards are offered to encourage students’ efforts and to celebrate their accomplishments.

Reduction and Exemption of Tuition Fees for International Students

To ease the financial burden on self-financed students from abroad, whenever possible, HSU makes a practice of either reducing the tuition costs or exempting students with exceptional records from these charges altogether. There are three categories of tuition funding : (1) full tuition and facility fees, (2) full tuition fees, or (3) 50% of tuition fees. All incoming students are screened according to their Japanese language score in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students. Admission of undergraduate students is based largely on their academic records.
HSU scholarships are offered annually covering the whole academic year. Students may re-apply for the following year. Re-applications are considered on the basis of the student’s academic record at HSU. This funding also applies to graduate students.

Scholarships from Monbukagakusho (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) and Private Organizations (per month). (Please note that the amounts of money quoted below are subject to change.)

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Japanese Government Scholarship Graduate School Students 143,000 yen-
145,000 yen
  Undergraduate Students 117,000 yen
Monbukagakusho Learning Incentive Scholarship Graduate School Students 48,000 yen
  Undergraduate Students 48,000 yen
Hiroshima Peace Culture Center   30,000 yen
Hiroshima International Center Foundation   30,000 yen
Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation Graduate School Students 140,000 yen
  Undergraduate Students 100,000 yen
Rotary Club Hiroshima East Scholarship   75,000 yen
Kumahira Scholarship Foundation   50,000 yen
Momiji Bank Scholarship   50,000 yen
Yahata Memorial Scholarship Foundation Graduate School Students 100,000 yen
  Undergraduate Students 80,000 yen
Heiwa Nakajima Foundation   100,000 yen
HSU Staff Scholarship   30,000 yen
Kamiryo Hideyuki Scholarship Foundation Doctorate Students (first year only)   200,000 yen
(yearly amount)
Earnest Scholarship   30,000 yen

Scholarships for Exchange Students

Hiroshima Shudo University Allowances for Exchange Students:

  1. A monthly allowance of 50,000 yen for the period of the exchange.
  2. A sum of 50,000 yen as a settling-in allowance.