2. International House (i-House)
  3. Information about Move-in

Information about Move-in


In principle, the move-in fee and monthly rent should be paid by direct debit from your bank account, except for the months when you move in and move out of the International House. (Only accounts with Hiroshima Bank may be used for payment.)
[Move-in Fee] (Subject to Change)
Single room: 29,800 yen, Family room: 39,900 yen
* The move-in fee is charged just one time, when you move into the International House. (No move-in fee is charged if the period of residence is less than one month.)
[Monthly Rent] (Subject to Change)
Single room: 31,300 yen per month, Family room: 42,200 yen per month
* Water expenses are included in the monthly rent, but costs for electricity will be charged separately for actual electricity used.

Move-In Procedure

After Hiroshima Shudo University officially accepts you as an exchange student, before you come to Japan, the University will send you by postal mail your admission permit and the International House Housing Application form. Please fill out and return the form by the specified deadline.
[Period of residence] Up to one year
[Document to be submitted] Hiroshima Shudo University International House Housing Application form
[Eligibility] International students of Hiroshima Shudo University