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The Department of Human Sciences

Reconsidering human activities from the viewpoints of psychology, sociology, and education
  •  Sociology Course

Field of Study

Our modern society has become diversified. With its diversification, various facets of society have become more complicated. Since various kinds of factors lie behind the issues we face, it has become essential for us to address these problems using various kinds of knowledge and techniques. In the Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences, we aim to explore the most complex question, “What does it mean to be a human being?” The Sociology Course concerns itself with society and the human environment.


The Department aims to foster members of society with insight and the ability to think creatively. It is indispensable in society to have multidisciplinary knowledge and be able to identify and resolve underlying problems through many different approaches. The curriculum offers experience-based studies such as internship, fieldwork, and experimental research so that students will come to reexamine our common assumptions and explore social issues in our daily lives. The Department encourages education through the interchange of ideas in order to teach cooperation.