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The Department of English

Through studies of two sides of English, literature and language, together with their culture, the Department aims to foster people with a high level of education and with an international perspective

Field of Study

The world is becoming, increasingly, a global village. There are more and more opportunities in our daily lives for us to have contact with people from foreign countries. The Internet is one of the tools which give people more contacts between countries. Now is the time when people are required to know about this global society. To learn English as a common world language is the first step for fostering such people. The main focus of the Department is to learn different ways of thinking and various aspects of cultures of English speaking countries, as reflected in the language and literatures. Students improve their English proficiency so that they can learn the purposes of the Department. There is a natural convergence between the improvement of English proficiency and the understanding of different cultures.


The Department aims to foster people with an international perspective; people with excellent English ability and a deep understanding of English language and of British and American literature and culture. Compulsory subjects are offered to improve the English ability of all students to a certain level. To realize this, the Department also offers two courses of study: regional culture studies and language studies. Students can learn these subjects through the well balanced curriculum. Students are also strongly encouraged to participate in the overseas study programs that are offered.

Building Basic Abilities through Compulsory Subjects

In the Department, there are two groups of subjects: compulsory subjects and elective subjects. For the compulsory subjects, the main aim is to achieve a good foundation in English listening, writing, speaking and reading abilities. Sixteen subjects for a total of 28 credits are required to be taken in the first and second years so that basic English ability can be achieved during these two years. Students are motivated to excel by the fact that they can gain credits by getting good scores in the TOEFL and TOEIC tests.

Deepening Study Themes through Elective and Seminar Subjects

Through the flexibity provided by elective subject from the first year onward, students can design their own four year study plan according to their interests and aspirations. In the third and fourth years, through specialized seminar groups, students are able to study a particular area in depth, conduct research in this field, and write a graduation thesis based on this research. Because students are allowed to take postgraduate classes in the fourth year, they have the opportunity to gain more specialized knowledge.