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The Department of Education

To study a wide range of themes related to school education, as well as the methods involved in their analysis, such as field work and experiments

Field of Study

The Department of Education is designed to educate those students who endeavor to become teachers of nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools. For this purpose, the Department provides a curriculum which is designed to help promote the understanding of “Education”, as it relates to the fields of lifelong learning, human rights, and psychology. Within the Department, students are able to develop their skills and knowledge, fostered by the practical approach of the curriculum and the small-group oriented nature of the activities.


The Department aims to cultivate students who will be able to solve problems which are faced both in modern education and in human development in general. Therefore, the Department endeavors to educate students about human development and formation which occurs in homes, in schools, and in wider society, from an interdisciplinary and integrated point of view.