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The Faculty of Law Graduate School

The Master’s degree course in the Graduate School in Law was first established in 1981. Since 1994 the Master’s degree course in International Politics has been offered. To accommodate different needs, the curriculum offers various programs so that students can enhance necessary knowledge and skills as professionals in law and international politics and develop research skills in their own academic fields. Graduates from this course go on to work as researchers, teachers, government employees and specialists in the private sector.

Law Course Master’s Program

Students are allowed to construct their own program by choosing freely from a wide variety of elective subjects. Detailed guidance is given to students regarding their chosen topic of research. To help students deepen their knowledge of legal practice, practical courses on civil law, criminal law and corporation law given by working attorneys were started in 2002. In addition to the research course, a seminar course was introduced in 2004.

International Politics Course Master’s Program

The diverse research subjects in this course are clustered in four groups: a) International Relations b) Asian & European Regional Studies c) Comparative Politics and d) Peace Studies. Information Processing and Internship have also been offered since 2002. By combining their seminar studies with their freely-chosen research subject, students can learn systematically.