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The Department of Economic Informatics

Learning current computer science for the economic world

Field of Study

Information science has evolved as computers have developed and have made empirical analysis easier. A new empirical analytic method going beyond traditional theoretical analysis was needed for economics. Information science and economics have been combined into a new field, economic informatics. It is divided into three areas (1) the study of a computerized economic society (2) systems science and (3) information science. The main purpose is to learn practical operations of a computer.


The Department of Economic Informatics aims to educate people who can contribute to the development of economic society by numerate thinking, data processing ability and familiarity with many kinds of information technology devices. To realize this, the department emphasizes the latest information science and systems science mainly through computer practice. Along with the main subjects, which supply specialized knowledge about economics and information science, there are also special subject groups, which any student in any division can take. These subjects help students to have a better understanding of their major. The Semester system has been introduced to help students learn intensively and finish their studies for each course in half a year.

Models of Degree Programs

Programs which develop various capabilities: A type, B type, and C type
There are three models which develop the capabilities of students by mastering Economic Informatics step by step from basic to applied levels.

A type: This mainly focuses on computerized economic society. Students select Group A subjects for the curriculum.
B type: This mainly focuses on systems science as a basis for computer operation. Students select Group B subjects for the curriculum.
C type: This mainly focuses on computer systems as information science. Students select Group C subjects for the curriculum.
Programs which Emphasize the Gaining of Qualifications
Students aim to learn about the subjects which are useful for gaining qualifications, and they also use the career support programs for this purpose. Qualifications are transferred to students’ own credits which are necessary for graduation.

English Language and Computer Program
This is a program for students who wish to focus on English in addition to computer studies. Students are encouraged to participate in international seminars such as the American Seminar and English Summer Program, and credits they earn at seminars will be transferred to their own required credits for graduation.