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The Department of Business Administration

The development of society necessarily involves business. In the Department we aim to foster students’ business skills as they prepare to lead the business world.

Field of Study

The Department of Business Administration and the Department of Business Studies have produced many successful business people and entrepreneurs as the two wheels of the university’s Faculty of Commercial Sciences. Business administration is the field of study which aims to learn about the skills involved in running an enterprise. Students learn the process of making management plans, administering these plans, and evaluating results. Therefore, to study “Business Administration” is to learn the skills which directly contribute to the development of enterprises. Especially, HSU’s Business Administration strengthens the relationship with local enterprises, and focuses on actual business practices. For this purpose, a new course, “Creating Entrepreneurs and Businesses” has been added besides “Administration” and “Accounting”. At the Department of Business Administration, students can learn the integrated management skills of theory and business practice.


The Department of Business Administration is creating innovations through its new system of classes. As one of its characteristic programs, we have administered internship programs. In order to address more practical matters, a new course of “Creating Entrepreneurs and Business” has been established in addition to the established “Administration” and “Accounting” courses. “Business Administration”, the study for understanding and learning the skills needed to run an enterprise, is best understood by integrating administrative theory and practical application. In other words, “Business Administration” is the study to gain knowledge of management, administration, identification of problems, and the taking of action. The Department of Business Administration is always endeavoring to give students management skills in more practical and creative ways.