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Be a Glocal Innovation Leader

4 skills

Through its education for gaining “4 skills” as well as its collaboration with Shudo University, the Hiroshima Shudo University Hiroshima Kyoso Junior & Senior High School cultivates glocal innovation leaders*.

*Human resources that think globally while collaboratively creating with the local society
About collaboration with Hiroshima Shudo University
Shudo University Hiroshima Kyoso Junior & Senior High School implements linked education for junior high school through university in numerous aspects together with Hiroshima Shudo University. Students can deepen this learning by moving onto Hiroshima Shudo University. There are many other benefits to this linked education for junior high school through university which can grant great advantages when moving onto other universities such as national and public univ ersities as well.

About “4 skills”

Investigative academic ability

Skills to independently discover issues
In today’s increasingly international and data-based society, where the need for SDGs (sustainable development goals) has been proven to be highly beneficial, you need to build these skills to independently discover issues effectively. You must always ponder “Why” about everything around you and then investigate the answer. Learn using an openend approach with the knowledge from your lessons as your basis. “Investigative academic ability” is a skill necessary for surviving the 21st Century which is rich in diversity.

Skills to collaboratively create

Creating new values
Kyoso means “collaborative creation” in English. It refers to collaborating with others to create new value and then sharing the results. People with these differing values can live together to build and create new ones. Gathering expansive knowledge and skills together can help form a richer society. The outcome is the skill to “collaboratively create.”

Skills to participate in society

Skills needed by the current times
From the time we are born we live in relationships with other people. These relationships help form our societies. In modern society we can connect to the world in an instant if we have the skill-set required to look at things with a broad view. You must have a global perspective when looking at and considering the local community. The current times require the skill to participate in society and have this global perspective.

Skills to achieve self-realization

Find yourself that you want to be
Everyone has something that they want to become. In order to make your aspirations a reality, you must thoroughly understand yourself and make yourself grow. Achieving your goal will help you build new goals. Self-realization refers to striving toward achieving “yourself that you want to be.” It is a skill essential for all glocal innovation leaders.

Examples of main efforts for nurturing the “ 4 skills”

● Poster sessions in the class “investigation” ● Exchange activities with overseas partner schools and sister schools ● Young Americans Workshop ● Overseas study tour ● Workshop by Shudo University teachers, “Constructing a Question” ● Creating videos on SDGs Etc.

Learning Environment

The new school building overlooking the Seto Inland Sea provides an atmosphere for learning filled with the latest equipment.

Having finished construction in July of 2018, our new, 6-story school building has all homerooms with a fine view, and students can look out over the Seto Inland Sea from the classrooms. Fully equipped with heating and cooling, the school building features a wellhole-style “study hall” in the center where students gather and learn together beyond the boundaries of school year and classes. Around here, you can find faculty rooms, the LRC (Learning Resource Center / library), advancement path resource room, multi-purpose classrooms supporting remote learning, and more. In addition to classrooms for physics, biology, and chemistry, as well as data practice classrooms supporting ICT, there is also common space that can be used as “learning commons.” All areas of the school building are equipped with Wi-Fi, enabling learning via tablets and the like. There are also extensive exercise facilities including 2 gymnasiums and 4 tennis courts.

School Building Overview

6F Senior high school HR classrooms / Multi-purpose classroom (1)
5F Cooking practice room / Home economics classroom / Learning commons / Senior high school HR classrooms / Multi-purpose classroom (1)
4F Physics classroom / Biology classroom / Chemistry classroom / Computer room / Data classroom , Social studies classroom / Tea ceremony classroom / Senior high school HR classrooms / Multi-purpose classroom (1)
3F Study hall / LRC / Advancement path resource room / Advancement path room Senior high school faculty room / Nurse’s office / Senior high school HR classrooms / Kyoso room / Gymnasium
2F Office /Principal’s office / Reception room
1F Entrance hall / E-R oom / Community hall

Total Area:7,886.46m²

Entrance hall

1F/Entrance hall


2F/Memorial Display

3F/Study Hall


3F/GymⅠ Bouldering Wall


3F/Nurse’s office

3F/Kyoso room

4F/Physics classroom

4F/Biology classroom

4F/Computer room

4F/Tea ceremony classroom

5F/Cooking practice room

5F/Learning commons

New junior high school building to be completed in April 2021

Junior High School Building Overview

3F Junior high school HR classrooms
2F Junior high school HR classrooms / Junior high school faculty room
1F Kyoso hall (accommodates 350 junior and senior high school students)

Total Area:1,779.28m²


Uniforms are made by the popular brand, “EASTBOY”.
The chic design uses a classy gray and stitch accents to give off an impression fit for Shudo University Hiroshima Kyoso Junior & Senior High School st udents.

Junior high school

Winter uniform
Sweaters and waistcoats are options.

Summer uniform
Polo shirts are options.

Senior high school

Winter uniform
Sweaters and waistcoats are options.

Summer uniform
Polo shirts are options.


●From Shudai Kyoso-chuko-mae (Hiroden Miyajima Line)・・・5 minutes walk
●From Itsukaichi (JR Sanyo Main Line)・・・15 minutes walk

By train

●From Midorii to Yokogawa(JR Kabe Line) and from Yokogawa to Itsukaichi (JR Sanyo Main Line)・・・40 minutes
●From Iwakuni to Itsukaichi (JR Sanyo Main Line)・・・35 minutes
●From Kaitaichi to Itsukaichi (JR Sanyo Main Line)・・・30 minutes

By bus and train

●To Yokogawa by Hiroden-Bus (Hananokidai-Kokorodanchi Line) and from Yokogawa to Itsukaichi (JR Sanyo Main Line)

By car

● From Inokuchi (Route 2 Bypass)・・・5 minutes