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Hiroshima Shudo University has a long history and tradition of striving to challenge new issues

총장 이치카와 다이치 

이치카와 다이치

Hiroshima Shudo University (HSU) is run by “Shudo Gakuen”, an educational cooperation and the collective name for Suzugamine Girls’ Junior and Senior High Schools, Shudo Junior and Senior High Schools, and Hiroshima Shudo University. Now, more than 9,000 students are studying within “Shudo Gakuen”, whose history dates back three hundred years to the Edo period and the founding of the Asano clan School.

In 1960, a four-year college was established which has steadily grown into the present-day University containing 6 faculties: Commerce, Humanities and Human Sciences, Law, Economic Sciences, Human Environmental Studies, and Health Sciences. Hiroshima Shudo University’s philosophy has always been to cultivate people who will contribute to the development of the local community.

Present-day Japan is amid two major societal changes: the declining number of children and a rapidly globalizing world. As such, the over-arching mission of HSU is to develop strategies with how to manage these issues. HSU is now administering projects such as “Cooperating and Working with the Local Community” and “Making an Innovation
Bridge with local community for creating Hiroshima’s future (Hiromira Project)”. The “Hiromira Project” involves engaging the University in intellectual and creative activities, as a Center of Community (COC). HSU has been
awarded participation and support in its facilitation of this project by the Ministry of Education, Culture,
Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

Regarding the rapid globalization, HSU is trying to respond to social needs by expanding its international links with overseas universities and promoting student exchange partnerships with 31 universities in fourteen different countries and regions. HSU receives around 150 students from overseas and sends around 200 students abroad
every year. HSU has also newly established “Global Classes” in the university curriculum, so that international students and HSU students can communicate together.

It is now 40 years since HSU moved to its present setting from the center of Hiroshima city, and the University is continuing in its long-term plan to modernize the campus buildings. In 2013, Research Theater 3 was built, with the Center for Co-Creation completed in 2015, and Research Theater 9, for the newly established Faculty of Health Sciences, has recently been opened.

HSU has a long history and tradition of serving as a core private university in the Chugoku and Shikoku district, continually striving to develop new strategies to manage new issues. We welcome you to Hiroshima Shudo University, from wherever you may be in the world.