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The Department of International Politics

Through the study of interdisciplinary subjects, students develop the ability to ask what the world should be like

Field of Study

The world is changing drastically with the end of the cold war, globalization, the IT revolution and the threat of terrorism. It is the time when Hiroshima, the International City of Peace and Culture, should ask what the world should be like. The curriculum covers international relations and theories of international politics. It includes politics, economics, law, society, culture and conditions of foreign nations, addressing complicated issues such as international politics and international relations.


The department aims to develop in students, as citizens of Hiroshima, the curiosity to ask what the world should be like, and the ability to act as global citizens with an understanding of the dynamism of international society. It provides students with an interdisciplinary curriculum and aims to develop in students the ability to make decisions and put knowledge into practice on the international stage by encouraging the acquisition of knowledge through the medium of English and offering intercultural experiences through overseas education. For this reason, the department organizes instruction in small classes and strives to foster people who have intelligence and sensitivity.

Special Courses

International Relations Course

Group C subjects are studied in this course which focuses on international politics. The mechanism of international politics is analyzed logically and historically and the relationship between politics and economics and the role of international organizations are considered.

Peace and Area Studies Course

Group D subjects are studied in this course which focuses on peace and area studies. The actual state of the world is considered and contrasted with an ideal world, from the point of view of peace studies.

Politics and Policies Course

Group E subjects are studied in this course which focuses on politics and policies. Students learn, through a grounding in social science, the nature and characteristics of politics, and details of political systems and policy-making.

Intensive English Course

This high English content course is unique to the Faculty of Law. A range of English subjects form the core of this course, in addition to which students choose subjects from a range of elective subjects. The main purpose is not to learn the English language itself but to learn English as a tool which may be used in the international world. The language is learned by studying about current world events in English. Students are recommended to take one of the special courses (see above) together with the English Intensive Course. Only students with a certain level of English ability are allowed to take this course. Apart from the credits in this course, students are required to get high scores in nationally and internationally recognized English proficiency tests.

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