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Japanese language classes and courses for international students

A wide range of Japanese language classes are provided for students whose first language is not Japanese. These classes, taught by skilled and experienced Japanese instructors, are designed to meet the Japanese language needs and proficiency levels of different international students at Hiroshima Shudo University. Classes are prepared either mainly for undergraduate students or for exchange students. Classes for undergraduate students are mainly prepared as Japanese language support for the demands of the other university courses they take.

Japanese Elementary Course (exchange students)

Elementary level classes are designed to develop students’ ability in listening, speaking, and reading, learning Japanese grammar and useful expressions through various activities such as role playing and making dialogues. This course is for students with a post-beginner level of Japanese.

Japanese Intermediate Course (exchange students)

The intermediate courses are designed to provide students with more opportunities to develop their Japanese proficiency through interviewing Japanese people, conducting research into Japanese culture, and making oral reports and presentations.

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