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International Activities

Since first accepting three students from Taiwan in 1977, Hiroshima Shudo University has welcomed more than 900 foreign students, mostly from Asia. They are self-financed and attend both HSU’s undergraduate and graduate schools. In addition to regular undergraduate and graduate students, the university accepts research students and exchange students. Currently, about 120 students from overseas are studying at HSU.
The International Affairs Center provides a wide range of services for these students. The Center also organizes various types of events such as a Welcome Party in April, a Bus Tour in October and a Panel Discussion in December. Japanese student volunteers, in a group known as International Communication Link, assist overseas students in various ways. The Center has a lounge, newspapers, magazines and computer facilities.

Welcome Party for New Students and Other Activities

We have a well-developed International Student Association in HSU and we often discuss with the international students the annual activities for making better relationship with Japanese students. Among these activities are parties for welcoming new students. At the university festival, international students have their own booth where they cook and sell various ethnic foods.

Hiroshima Shudo University International Forum

Hiroshima Shudo University International Forum started in 1987 for the purpose of improving communication with international students. We usually hold a symposium with a particular theme such as peace or cross cultural communication. We welcome people who wish to communicate with international students. Our Forum is also open to residents of Hiroshima. Please join us!

Regional exchanges

International students participate in various exchange activities. For example, in the area where the International House is located, they participate in events at the local elementary school, including the field day, and have school lunch together with elementary school children. They also have opportunities to play with elementary school children after school. International students have sometimes joined a neighborhood athletic meet held by the local neighborhood association, or carried a portable shrine ("mikoshi") in cooperation with local young people in the fall festival at a local shrine. Additionally, they engage in international exchange activities, including introducing the cultures of their homelands, together with students at junior and senior high schools affiliated with the university. Here, international students can have lived experiences with Japanese culture, which they could not have through ordinary study-in-Japan programs.

Volunteer Language Classes

In recent years, at the International Affairs Center, some international students have volunteered to teach Korean, Chinese , English, German, French and Vatnamese classes to students interested in these language. Japanese students also offer Japanese classes for international students. These classes provide a good way for Japanese and international students to learn each other’s language and get to know each other.

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