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i-House Events (Activities)

[January] Rice-cake making event

You can experience a traditional Japanese New Year event, mochitsuki—the pounding of rice into mochi, or rice cakes. Following instructions from people in the neighborhood, students pound steamed rice into mochi. All event participants enjoy eating the newly-made mochi: fresh, lightly toasted or served in vegetable soup (called ozoni).

[May – September] i-House welcome party for new residents

We hold parties to welcome international students who have moved into i-House. Parties are held in the first and second semesters, inviting local residents with whom new international students can form deeper exchanges. Students and neighbors get to know each other and enjoy playing games together. The parties are part of HSU’s activities to help new students settle into their new life at i-House.

[June] Lesson on how to wear yukata

Preparing for Tokasan, a major summer festival in Hiroshima, you can try on yukata, a traditional Japanese summer garment. Instructors teach students how to wear yukata. It takes a while to learn how to put on a yukata, but you will soon understand what fun it is to wear one. Typically made with cotton material and designed with patterns unique to Japan, yukata are worn like kimono, but in a more comfortable and casual style.

[June] Cultivation of goya

As summer approaches, we plant goya (bitter melons or bitter gourds) to create a “green curtain” with this vine plant. In 2012, Hiroshima Shudo University’s i-House was awarded an Encouragement Prize in Hiroshima City’s 4th Green Curtain Competition. Every year, international students at the International House work together to produce goya by planting, watering and cultivating the vines.

[December] Christmas party

The Christmas party is a wonderfully exciting event held every year. Nearly all the residents of the i-House participate in the party, inviting friends and sharing cakes, confectionery and presents. Participants decorate the room to produce a festive atmosphere.

[Other Activities]

Fire drill

i-House holds a fire drill in which all residents and staff participate. In the drill, they confirm the evacuation routes and learn what to do in an emergency, to be ready in case of fire.

Class on traffic safety and crime prevention

This class is intended to provide residents of i-House with an opportunity to receive guidance from police personnel about general traffic safety and crime prevention, to help them live in Japan with greater peace of mind.

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