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The Department of Psychology

Tostufy and scientifically analyze a diverse range of human behaviors and emotions

Field of Study

Commercial Sciences
The Department aims to cultivate students who can statistically analyze human heart and behavior, and can work towards logically tackling the problems faced by society. In order to fulfil this purpose, the Department aims to enhance basic, practical, and statistical educationalmethods in the field of clinical psychology. Specifically, students will learn about mental problems affecting people from birth to old age through the use of systematically calculated psychological methods such as experiments, examinations, research, and interviews.


Commercial Sciences
The Department is closely related to studies within the Department of Health and Nutrition in the same faculty, and both work towards facilitating students’ understanding of how to balance mental and physical functions. The Department aims to enhance students’ knowledge and skills in the field of clinical psychology so that they can gain the qualification of clinical psychotherapist and other authorized qualifications.

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