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General Education


General Education classes are offered to all the students of our university regardless of faculties, departments and majors. The purpose of these classes is for students to develop a broad and deep knowledge and all-round judgment.


General Education subjects are grouped into Liberal Arts, Foreign Languages, and Health and Physical Education classes. Students can freely choose and take subjects according to their own interests. There are a variety of General Education subjects offered at various levels so that students are able to learn both enjoyably and effectively.


General Education classes address contemporary themes such as globalization, the information-oriented society, sophisticated scientific technology and the diversification of values. For English language classes, students are given a placement test on entering HSU, and are placed in classes of different levels, according to their abilities. Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are taught in order to develop students’ overall abilities in this universal language of today. Health and physical education classes aim to give students an understanding of the concept of health, both by looking at the functions of the human body and by developing students’ physical capabilities.

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