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Foreign Languages

Field of Study

Hiroshima Shudo University and Hiroshima City are both active in international exchange. Hiroshima’s relatively large population of international residents and visitors from overseas afford Japanese students many opportunities for communication. Dialogue with people from foreign countries is important if Japanese students would like to contribute to world peace from a grass-roots level as citizens of Hiroshima, the International City of Peace and Culture. In addition to English, various languages, including Japanese, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Korean and Russian, are taught to make such communication possible.


The basic objective of English education at Hiroshima Shudo University is to give students a deeper understanding of the cultures of English-speaking countries, to allow them to develop good skills to communicate Japanese culture to people from foreign countries, and to encourage them to become active members of our international society. Other foreign language courses, all taught from beginners’ level, aim at opening a new world to students beyond the worlds of Japanese and English. In addition to the foreign language classes taught on the university campus, various programs abroad are offered to students.

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