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International Student Admissions Flowchart

1 Applicant obtains details of entrance requirements

2 Applicant competes application form
3 Applicant submit documents:
  • Application for admission
  • Certificate of graduation
  • Certificate of grade
  • Résumé
  • Certified copy of EJU score report
  • Statement of source of funds
  • Certified copy of TOEFL score report
    (The department of English Language and Literature only)
  • Statements of purpose
    (The Faculties of Humanities and Human Sciences and Human Environmental Studies only)
4 Examination (in Hiroshima)
5 Notification of university decision
6 Applicant sends materials for admission
7 Hiroshima Shudo University issues acceptance form
8 Applicant Sends materials required for applying for Certificate of Eligibility
9 Hiroshima Shudo University sends Certificate of Eligibility
10 Hiroshima Shudo University sends Certificate of Eligibility

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