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Campus Calendar

Academic Calendar 2017-2018

April 2017

University Entrance Ceremony

University Entrance Ceremony

Academic Year starts
University Entrance Ceremony
Orientation Session for lnternational Students
First Semester Classes begin
Welcome Party for lnternational Students
Course Registration
Barbecue Party for lnternational Students

May 2017

Japanese Language and Culture Program
(Arizona State university, USA)

June 2017

Japanese Language and Culture Program

July 2017

First Semester Examinations

August 2017

Summer Vacation
Intensive Classes

September 2017

Intensive Classes
Second Semester Classes begin
Course Registration
Job Seminar

November 2017

Anniversary of the Founding of HSU
University Festival

December 2017

International Students' Forum
Winter Vacation

January 2018

Entrance Examinations for lnternational Students
Second Semester Examinations

March 2018

Graduation Ceremony

National Holidays 2017-2018


April 29 Showa Era Day
May 3 Constitution Memorial Day
May 4 Greenery Day
May 5 Children's Day
July 17 Marine Day
August 11 Mountain Day
September 18 Respect for the Aged Day
September 23 Autumnal Equinox Day
October 9 Health Sports Day
November 3 Culture Day
November 23 Labour Thanksgiving Day
December 23 The Emperor's Birthday


January 1 New Year's Day
January 8 Coming of Age Day
February 11 National Foundation Day
March 21 Vernal Equinox Day

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